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Eastern Virginia Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

The Eastern Virginia Association of Health Underwriters Vision is to support the VAHU vision statement to be Virginia’s premier professional health insurance association.

Strategic Plan & Goals:

Back to Basics:

“Represent those who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking coverage through consolidation and streamlining local and state advocacy efforts, professional development opportunities, events, communications and promotions to foster growth and increased value of membership at both the macro and micro-levels”

1. Advocacy

Develop and strengthen existing relationships with state legislators to influence and be a powerful VOICE in the state of Virginia as it pertains and affects those we serve.
  • Communicate and collaborate with local chapter representatives to assist Legislative Chair and Co-Chair to support the vision.
  • Minimum 1 major fundraising effort to support HUPAC
  • Identify alternate lobbyist effort for 2021 as board sees appropriate and valuable
  • Re-energize Day on the Hill with additional education and engagement from membership
  • Provide monthly updates for semi-monthly news-blasts to communication chair or as appropriate
  • Regular participation in the Monthly Region II calls

2. Professional Development

Provide a variety of professional development opportunities that are both industry and personal-growth related.
  • Plan and Manage the following Statewide Events:
    • Ongoing CE Webinars that mix CE opportunity with personal growth opportunity
    • CE Day/Week in the fall of 2020 to spark revenue generation
    • Assist with CE opportunities as it pertains to state conference
  • Provide a minimum of 10 CE Credits outside of CE Day/Week throughout the year at noted statewide events, and CEs must be interesting and relevant to our
  • Streamline & consolidate all professional development at local levels up to one communication effort and minimize duplication of effort

3. Membership/Chapter Development

Grow state membership by 10% and increase engagement of new members from the start
  • Adopt and develop a new member orientation program to be used by local membership chairs with chapter presidents to discuss chapter needs and opportunities to
  • Communicate Monthly with chapter membership chair and ensure new members and renewing members are communicated with and obtain membership data
  • Attend Region II Monthly call and report back any news and organization updates to all chapters.
  • Update ecommerce as needed and report back any member updates at state board meetings.

4. Giving Back to our Members

  • Keep our members abreast of legislative changes.  Provide resources through the NAHU website.
  • Offer incentives to get involved in our association by providing scholarships to serve on our board
  • Listening to their needs and helping them better serve their clients
  • More can be done through working together to be the best in our industry

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One way to get involved is to contribute to NAHU’s Political Action Committee (PAC). Dollars raised through HUPAC are utilized to better educate local, state, and national politicians about what NAHU stands for.



LPRT committee is committed to making LPRT the premier program for top health, disability, longrerm care and worksite marketing insurance producers, carrier reps, carrier management, and general agency/agency managers.

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